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Ive been in IT for a couple of years. I'm a Sr. help desk technician for single location of a large corporation with many offices and far away corporate office. I run a team of 5 help desk techs.(i got promoted really fast above people who have been there for years witch made things difficult at first. lol) I'm looking it move out of the help desk and into network administration. At our office building we have 1 server admin and he makes no more then i do. my office manager believes he can get me a good job at the corporate office but I'm just not willing to make the move to the east coast.(I live in Nevada). Thus comes my problem. Ive been looking for jobs in area in my field of interest. There are plenty of them but after speaking with many they all seem to be looking for MCSEs not MCITPs. I need to start burning out some of these exams but I'm not sure where to start. everyone ive spoken with in the field says that i should start with MCSE and then upgrade to the vista equivalent. I'm fairly confident i can easy pass the entry level tests for theses Certs after a couple of weekends of studying. my knowledge on xp/vista is very high and Ive scored over 90%+ on 5 practice exams so far. I have experience with server 2003 and 2008 but I'm sure ill need to study a bit more for these exams. so the question is should i start with Xp or vista what do you guys think company's are really looking for?should i just do the 70-270 and 70-620 considering it now counts towards the MCSE as well? what do you guys think?
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    I too am curious on whether to start with the MCITP Server exams, or the MCSE Exams.

    Why not start with the current material if you don't already have an MCSE?
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    Vista will get your the most bang for your buck. Most people just look to see if you have an MCSE or not. I don't think the client exam is going to be a focal point of any discussion. Even if it does come up, as long as you have solid experience with XP, it really shouldn't matter.

    Also keep in mind that you can do both and use Vista as an elective for your MCSE. You'd come off as more well-rounded if you did Exchange or something else, but taking two client exams will probably get you through the track the fastest. Just something else to keep in mind.
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    I advise you to start with 70-270 as this exam is much harder than 70-620. XP has many things that do not cover in Vista. I never hear people say that vista is hard but almost agree that XP is difficult. So, if you want to get your cert fast, go to the vista way but if you want to have a good building knowlegde while you are getting your cert, start with XP and next vista and 90.....
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    No question about it, start with 270 first. Obtain your MCSE2k3, this will still be the dominant cert for a few more years, most companies will not jump to the newest server/os just because it’s out. I know companies who are still using win2k server, they are just NOW thinking of going to win2k3. Besides I believe it is only 3 exams to upgrade from MCSE to MCITP.
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    Both, starting with 70-620 as your first exam and then 70-270 as your second exam. One exam applies toward your client OS requirement and the second one would apply toward your elective.


    In all fairness the 70-620 exam is supposed to be easier than 70-270.
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