hidden shares...and system root

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i am just wondering about why i see a $ mark on some folders tha are shared without my permission, as i learned there are some several places shared by default only for administrators, so here the questions...

please explain those $$$$$ signals before and after the file or folder name or disk drive name, are there any differences between put that signal before or after? and also can i hide share objects using this symbol in the box name for each object?

also what does mean the symbol %system root% at some paths that i have found somewhere? i think that the system rootits just c:\ d:\ or whatever but that is the root doesn't it? what doesn mean the % symbol in that case?

thx everyone im prepairing for the 70-270 instead of net+ because am currently seeing xp pro at the collegue so i can get it faster and also i have some experience thx everyone
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