Which do you reccomend to take first?

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Hey everyone...I've been reading all the posts on this site every chance i get, and now i have to ask...

I'm planning on taking my A+ within the next month or so, but can only afford to take one exam at a time (the exams ARE separate, right? **meaninng hardware and OS**) i'm wondering which to take first, hardware or OS? i mean, if they're all under the same bill, then who cares, eh? but if they aren't, then i just want to know, which do you reccommend taking first? My dream has been to enter the IT field for roughly 8 years, since I was 11....It's all i was ever really good at, and it's all I really enjoy....all i need is the cert to get into the field...

Any input would be greatly appreciated....thanx alot everyone...for the record, I'm very glad that someone took the initative to make this website....
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    Generally a person takes the Hardware core exam first, but nobody really cares which you take first.

    Use more that one study guide to prepare. I recommend All-In-One A+ Exam Guide by Michael Myers for the first one.

    Generally agreed, if you want to do IT, then A+ is the place to start. It's not the top-of-heap cert, but it certainly does test your knowledge in the broadest sense. Also, consider following with Network+. You will not get too far into IT until you encounter networking.

    Best of luck!
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