Passed Net+ Today

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I know I don't post alot and I lurk mainly for great advice and tips. So I tested today and scored an 840.

I was a technical instructor for 4 years in the USAF and I taught this stuff. So my study habits were to just review and refresh my memory. I did not buy any study material but used the TechNotes. I recommend anyone taking this test to review them.

My main reason for getting certs now is to make myself more marketable to the civilian sector as I retire in Jan 2010.

I am now moving on to prepare for the Security+.

After that, looking to get my ITIL Foundation.

Who knows after that.

Thanks again to everyone that participates in the forum.


  • shednikshednik Posts: 2,005Member
    Congrats on the pass and good luck on the Security+
  • dvalenzueladvalenzuela Posts: 123Member
    Congrats.. I'll be taking the exam in one Month. I kinda feel ready to take it right now, but i am taking no chances on it. $230 are on game.. So, I gotta be sure i am gonna pass it.
    Security+ is harder because its minimum score to pass is higher than Net+
    close to MCSA!!
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  • Daniel333Daniel333 Posts: 2,077Member ■■■■■■□□□□
    Great job! Enjoy sec+.
  • cbigbrickcbigbrick Posts: 284Member
    Congrats and good luck on Security+ :D
    And in conclusion your point was.....???

    Don't get so's just ones and zeros.
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    "Grammar and spelling aren't everything, but this is a forum, not a chat room. You have plenty of time to spell out the word "you", and look just a little bit smarter." by Phaideaux

    ***I'll add you can Capitalize the word 'I' to show a little respect for yourself too.

    'i' before 'e' except after 'c'.... weird?
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
  • learningtofly22learningtofly22 Posts: 159Member
    Congrats, I'm off to sec+ also!
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