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Does anyone know if the 272 exam is easier than the 271?
And what should you remember for the 272 exam?


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    That would be some good info there. I am planning on taking mine in the beginning of Aug...
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    From what I can remember make sure you know how to set up e-mail accounts and any options associated with e-mails. Know your around outlook express and Outlook.
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    In my opinion 272 was easier than 271, in that it was involved more with using the OS and its common applications. You only install XP occasionally, but you use the OS on a daily basis. Like the post above, heavy Outlook Express info on the test. Good Luck....
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    I just took mine yesterday. It is definitely easier than 271. Some things to keep in mind:

    * You will certainly get a few question about DNS issues, so study on that

    * You will get a fair share of Outlook Express questions; study on common issues

    * There will also be a bunch of questions concerning IE security (cookies, active content, pop ups) Remember, cookies deal with the privacy component of IE!

    Study hard and you should do fine! :D
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    This info will help me out too :)
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