Taking both exams on 7th May

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Hi All

Taking both the exams next Friday, Hardware at 10.00am and OS at 14.30 (lucky me eh!) think i'm pretty much there with the study, but if anyone has taken the exam recently have you any tips on specific areas to really revise on? Also is RAID covered in any detail?


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    I think you only need to know about the different types of RAID (mirrored, striped etc.).

    Unless your doing it already, be sure to get some practice questions so you get used to the format. Transcender.com do the best set in my opinion (although they are quite expensive). Their test summary shows the areas where you're strong/weak.

    Good luck for Friday.
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    If you read the following TechNotes, which includes a piece about RAID and its most common types, I think you will know everything you need about that topic for the A+ exam:

    Good luck with the exams!
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    raid shouldn't be asked in depth in a+. the best types to know about are the ones that m$ o/s can handle out-of-the-can.
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    Well they let me take both exams 1 after the other passed both, scored 565 on the Hardware and 637 on the OS.

    What a relief!!!

    And not a single RAID question, and only 1 questions on scsi after memorizing those tables.

    A week of rest then on an XP course for 5 days, exam hopefully a couple of weeks later.
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    good work on your exam, i got my Software Exam in a few days
    just wondering what was the OS exam like?

    i will then start my 5day course for MCP, 5day course, 1week study, exam

    but the way we did A+ is 1week course, 1week study, 1week course, 1week study, exam, 1-4days study, exam

    neways, after MCP i am doing HDA
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    I had to do A+ from a book (Sybex A+ Complete By Dave Roth) because my company said as it was a entry level exam they rather I attempt it that way, I gave myself 4 weeks study reading the book through over the the 1st 2 weeks, then revising for the next 2 weeks all this was done after work and at weekends which was a bit of a pain. I only had to do the exam as it is now a pre-req for the HP Accredited platform Specialist course which i've got some time soon as well.

    I'm looking forward to the 70-270 course as i've been working with XP for a fair while, and hope to do the exam about 2 weeks after the course.

    As for the OS exam I found it ok, I did think i'd do better on the Hardware, but as you can see my OS results were much better. Had 2 95 questions, 2 ME questions and everything else was 2000 and XP which i'm familiar with so found ok, make sure you know the boot sequence of all OS inside out as plenty of stuff on that along with boot errors. And memorize the Min and Recommended requirments for each OS.

    Good luck
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    whow......that musta taken alot of your free time, well congrats on passing! thanks for the info on the OS exam, i actually think i am ready right now, but i will resume study on monday, then text on thursday or friday, thanks again!

    ja ne
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    Congratulations, bdmharrington! Good job!
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