Beginning Microsoft Path....Advice please

ok fellas I have my Network +, Will be taking the ICND 1 within 2 weeks and ICND 2 shortly thereafter (CCENT/CCNA) then I am looking forward to gaining knowledge in MS Admin stuff so I can be a well rounded IT guy.

Problem is, I really do not know much about the various microsoft paths.
Can someone please tell me the diference between MCSA, MCSE, and some of the other MS Certs.

Or would it be worth my while to sink my teeth into learning Linux instead?

I work at a Data Center at the moment, so mostly my IT world deals with routing, specifically Cisco gear.

many of my customers use Linux as thier Server OS So I would imagine Linux may not be bad to know either. Which one would make me more valuable? M$ or Linux? Sorry if I sound like a noob, I am when it comes to OS admin icon_rolleyes.gif

And can anyone recommend any M$ study material for someone just starting out down that path?

Thanks in advance!!! :D
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    Can someone please tell me the diference between MCSA, MCSE, and some of the other MS Certs.

    icon_arrow.gif Find a Microsoft Certification by Technology:

    icon_arrow.gif MCSA on Windows Server 2003 Certification Requirements

    icon_arrow.gif MCSE on Windows Server 2003 Certification Requirements

    BEST OF LUCK icon_cool.gif
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    Essentially, you can think of the MCSA as a little over the halfway point to the MCSE. The new systems administration certs for Vista/Server 2008 are MCITP:Server Administrator and MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, with EA being the more prestigious of the two.

    Consider the Linux+ and LPIC certifications for Linux. If you get real serious about Linux, go for the RHCE (SUSE also has a similar and relatively new lab-based cert out there as well).
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    I am also Looking to do the MCSA after i do my CCNP..

    i will take the 70-270 70-290 70-291 and sec + ( doing right now) as an elective.

    is a MCSA a good cert to have ?
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    It's good on the Microsoft side of things. It might be considered blasphemy in the world you're in now though ;)

    When are you planning on wrapping up your CCNP? You may just want to look at the new MCITP certifications that focus on Vista/Server 2008 if you're not planning on using it for awhile.
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    Well to tell you the truth...

    haha, i feel that is blasphemy too..

    haha im a cisco guy...

    but i never tried micrsoft, and i would like to try something..

    I am very young, so i am tryin to rack up some knowlegde and certs, and then hopefully when i get out of high school a company will notice my skills, and i can get some experience.
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