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Hey everyone - my first post, but I've been reading and you guys are very friendly and helpful. I'm taking the core on Monday, and am looking for some additional practice exams. I've taken the ones on this site, as well as those that came with my book (Meyers - all in one). Anyone have any links to some free practice exams? Thanks.


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    I've used the free Exam Force engine featured in the left column under 'advertise'. It's good stuff. The A+ portion is kind of short but still longer than most demos.
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    Also check out the link section at the bottom of the following page:
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    Here's a couple more for you:
    Free Online Exams and Tutorials
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    Thanks for the links everyone. Passed the core today with a 574 - not great, but I'll take it.
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    A pass is a pass. Congrats!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats :D
    Did you use Mike Meyers? I dont have it but i think there are better resources out there. Currently using Dummies(old obj).Crossing my fingers and using techexams tutorials,cramsession,motherboard manuals & internet to fill in the gap. Got a technician diplo but need A+ for the icingicon_wink.gif
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    Chiro - I did use Mike Meyers, and liked his book, although I haven't read anything else, so I can't compare his book to any other resources. He dumbs a few things down a little too much, but too much detail is better than not enough I guess - Good luck on your test, off to study for the OS.
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