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Which of the few guides that I've seen out there are decent in preparing for this exam?

I just finished off Security+ yesterday and want to get started with Server+. For Security+ I used three different guides and more than 15 years experience in the IT networking field to pass. My 15 years also entails putting together servers, installing OS's and most of all, troubleshooting problems on them (Mostly Windows NT/2000 and NetWare).

I also sat and passed Network+ with one guide. I know that Net+ is no where near as difficult as Security+ and from the looks of some of the posts, Server+ too, due to CompTIA's infamous ambiguity on exam questions and answers.

Do you all suggest more than one guide? I appreciate all of your opinions.


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    CompTIA is supposed to upgrade the Server+ exam sometime in the last quarter of 2004, so the time will come when the existing exam guides will be outdated. However, with your experience, you shouldn't have a great deal of trouble with the exam after you've gone over a couple of study guides.

    I liked, and recommend, 2 books. Exam Prep Server+ by Bird and Harwood, published by Coriolis and Server+ Certification Training Guide by Elton Jernigan published by New Riders were the ones that I liked best out of the 5 study guides that I bought. All-In-One Server+ Certification Exam Guide by Stephen Bigelow deserves mention as well. However, I found Bigelow to be highly "how to", and I got about half-way through it before I got bored and decided to start over with another book. But, Bigelow's book is great for reference.

    All of these books have good practice exams with them on CD as well as lots of end-of-chapter review questions.

    The exam itself is Advanced hardware--servers--RAID, SCSI, disaster recovery, availablility, and redundance and more.......

    Some have called it "Advanced A+". You get a lot of scenarios that require sound troubleshooting methods.

    That's my own version of what, and why. You'll have to supply your own how--best of luck on that!
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