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i need some advice from some wiser than i on this topic

as if right now i almost finished with networking specialist associates degree and will soon have my CCNA. I am A+ certified and work as a PC tech at a place that refurbishes computers from schools, but there is no advancement here.

my career goal is to the a network engineer with a focus on security (CCNP, CCSP and maybe some others i havent decided which), so having that in mind i ask this

If and when i land my first helpdesk/desktop support role how do i position myself in that direction of network engineer?

It seems most people get the M$ and go into systems admin from that point. Do the same people go from admins to Network engineers or what? im basically im trying to figure out their career path. how would i go from helpdesk/desktop support to a network engineer and whether or not i need to spend time on which M$ certs if any.

I figure that i will have to get one to even be considered for helpdesk/desktop support job so i know i will get at least one.


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    It's greatto have those expectations. I got into network engineer role thru an internship. My advice would be to follow wth what u said out to do. A CCNA can get u in the door for network engineer position. A MS cert is on the server side. Take it a step at a time.
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