re-installing Windows, need help

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I am wanting to reload windows with formatting the HD, I have done this before at techsupport job where I renamed to win.old, then just installed Windows 98 again. I basically would just overwrite the old windows. My brother has Windows ME(poor guy) and he is wanting me to do the same to his, but I am thinking that he would be better with Windows 98. Could I install Windows 98 over ME, with having a dual boot system? I may just reinstall ME and add 128mb ram more.


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    If he doesn't care about any data on the drive, I would suggest a clean format of the drive, and install Win98, or whatever OS you want. If you try to install Win98 without a format, it will ask you where you want to install it. If you don't have enough room, you will have to format, and do a clean install. If there's room, it will allow a dual-boot scenario, prompting for a selection, with 98 as the default. But, c'mon, ME? Nah, get rid of it! Go with 98, minimally. Oh yeah, more RAM is always good.
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    he wants to keep the data. Maybe I can talk him out of it and let me install Windows 98SE.
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    I'm not sure if ME has this, but what about the Windows Files and Settings Transfer Wizard? Just an idea. I've re-installed OS over OS before, I don't think it will erase his personal data, just the OS files.
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