Passed today, finally.

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I had a long winded post written out, but I'm too lazy to finish it.

Passed with 812 on my second attempt. :D


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    BRAVO! icon_cheers.gif Now just packup, get an easyjet ticket, gal or two and begone to bahamas,mauritus,canary's or any of those exotic hideouts chill off completely and come back for mcse icon_lol.gif (Guess sounds like your boss) icon_confused.gif Dont forget to fill us wannabe's about SEC+ after you've cooled off. icon_cool.gif
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    WOHOO congratulations.
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    Load off of the shoulders now!!
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    Excellent, LostInSpace! Congrats!
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    Here's some feedback for all of those preparing to take the exam.

    I used T-cat's full pdf (The book from, All-In-One, and Sec+ for Dummies as a quick read through. Used PrepLogic practice exams, all the free practice exams I could download, and the practice exams here.

    I'm very opinionated on the exam after taking it twice. I think the biggest problem with this exam is that it's commonly thought to be the "next step" after A+ and Net+. If you go into Sec+ thinking it's just another Net+ type test, you've failed it. I just wonder how many people underestimate this exam and that's the reason for such a high first time failure rate.
    I was unprepared the first time. I just didn't prep enough beforehand. I really didn't think this test was that difficult either time. The wording on the test wasn't that bad. I never really had trouble deciphering what the test was asking.
    Now on to what I really found aggravating about this exam. I came across 10 questions at least, which were not in any of my material. Things that weren't listed on the exam objectives, such as types of port scans. Granted, it's something that you should know for a security exam, but in the Sec+ objectives, types of scans aren't listed, nor are they in any material I studied. It was these questions that got me, because I had no knowledge of the material. I think a big part of this problem is lack of good study material.

    I really can't offer many suggestions to those sitting. The main thing is use at least two main books, with one secondary book. You really need a very broad range of material for this exam, because that third book may tell you that one thing you need to pass. Get all the practice exams you can. (The PrepLogic's were surprisingly good.)
    I know the hardest part for me was Organizational security. Know it well, because I was tested heavily on it both times.
    DO NOT take this test lightly. Unfortunately you don't usually think you are until you sit once and fail, at least that's what I did.

    If you have any more questions, just ask. I feel like I know the Sec+ exam objectives front to back. I wish I would have scored better than an 812.

    If you've got any questions about material I used, or anything of the sort, just let me know. Thanks for all the help along the way.
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    Congratulations oh great Lost one - we knew ya had it in you icon_thumright.gif
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    Many congrats! Quick, go for another IT security cert before you cool off!! icon_cool.gif
    I think the biggest problem with this exam is that it's commonly thought to be the "next step" after A+ and Net+.
    Actually, Server+ is the next step after A+ and N+. Maybe people are just confusnig the words "Server" and "Security."

    No? Then it's probably because people are looking to use A+, N+, and Sec+ for their M$ certs.
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    Excellent job O' mighty lost one!!! You did a great job second time around. Don't be disappointed by your score, its better than most scores I've seen posted. Besides, the only thing that does matter is that you now have the Cert!!!

    It sounds like you had the right materials for the exam. Just about the same thing I used to pass too. I also strongly agree with you that some of the stuff they throw at you is no where to be found in any of the publications. I think the best resource for me was the material by Tcat.

    Onward to the next Cert!!!
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    Congrats once more icon_wink.gif Good advice. One question tho before you check into Alitalia Jumbo 1st class dest:BAHAMAS angel.gif . How long did it take you to prepare(Ofcourse brains are as different as processors).Another thing which i have to ask.Did u have the required 2 yrs experience in a security related field.(NO means pure dedication and hard work.BRAVO!)
    Watch these space. icon_lol.gif
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    It took me around 3 months, but keep in mind that I've been in school as a full time student that entire time and I've also been working this job full time for the past two months, so my study time has been rather limited. icon_wink.gif

    I had no prior knowledge of information security, period. I now feel like I'm miles ahead of what I knew 3 months ago, which I'm proud of.

    70-270 is next, whenever I feel like resuming my studies. I had originally planned to wait until September, but I think I'll just tackle this one in the summer and get it out of the way.
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    icon_cool.gif Thanks for swift reply bro. Seems like nothing less than sheer dedication and hardwork. You know, reminds me of a heavyweight boxer who gets up from a knockout on the 9th count of round 12 lunges on and demolish his opponent with a TKO. Talk about turning tables. I'm totally inspired. Maybe you should diss Microsoft and stick with good ol comptia(server+,linux+,++ u name it,plus lifetime cert+ icon_lol.gif ).Back to my bunker.Tuff times ahead. icon_study.gif
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    Nothing else CompTIA offers really interests me enough to spend the money on the exams. Sec+ really made me want to concentrate my studies on network security, but I'm also considered Network Administration. I think I'll go for the MCSA:Security on Server 2003, then really concentrate on security certs.
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    Congrats LostInSpace!!

    I must say I have been watching your posts while half heartedly studying for Sec+. Now I know the beast can be beat. Thought I would share with you the fact that until July 31 2004, MS and VUE are offering free retakes on MS 2003 tests. So, even though you said you MIGHT start on 70-270 this summer this might help you decide. I know I was waffling between 70-291 and Sec+ since 291 would give me MCSA. Now that I can retake I will do 291 first since I can get a do over not have to worry about being 110% ready.

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    Whoa, the testing center I use just switched to a VUE center too. Looks like I'll be started 70-270 at the beginning of June, when I get out of school. Thanks a lot.
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