Library for cert books?

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I'm curious what you guys think about getting cert books from the library? I'm thinking about looking for a book for 70-620 but I'm not sure if they'll have books on Vista/2008 yet. What about other certs? Or do you guys just go to Amazon and spend the $30 on a book?


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    I haven't seen any I needed at the libraries I checked, but I haven't looked for a few years.

    Go for it if it's available.
  • shednikshednik Member Posts: 2,005
    The few times I've been at them around my area they haven't ever had anything recent, if you're looking for something a little older though you may be in luck.
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    I get hand me down study books from friends. A few of my friends are studying for certs or already studied so I ask them for their study material and use it.. then I give it back if they want it.. if not, I pass it onto the next person.. I did buy some books for Net+ and Sec+ from CompTIA though once.

    Also, check out the Tech Notes on this site! I've used them and they helped me out a lot!

    If the library has really up-to-date books, I say go for it.. but make sure that you check that it's the most current version. Hey.. if you can get the books for free from friends or the library.. go for it! Good luck to you in your future exams!
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    I use Books 24x7.

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    I found a number of books to study with at the local library. I picked up Meyers for the 270 from there. They also had some for the 290 and 291 but they were checked out so I never got a chance at them. There were plenty of non-cert books to study from though. Just because it doesn't specifically say 70-XXX on it doesn't mean that it is useless. Plenty of information about exam topics in there. I would always recommend checking out the library if you're always tight on cash.
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    My local library is really hit-and-miss on the tech books they have. If someone donates a used tech book it probably has a much greater chance of being sold in the library's used book store than it does of being accessioned in to the library's collection. I orphan quite a few books there myself.
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    I had tried going the library way years ago but never found the new books so its been years since I've been back. Besides, they don't let you keep it for as long as you want. I buy my books from amazon and then keep them as references when I need them for something at work.
  • JDMurrayJDMurray MSIT InfoSec, CISSP, SSCP, GSEC, EnCE, C|EH, CySA+, PenTest+, CASP+, Security+ Surf City, USAAdmin Posts: 12,253 Admin
    I should mention that is a free search service to locate items in libraries.
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    I have looked and even asked my local library to carry Technical manuals or cert study books. They were not even interested, as a matter of fact, I can't recall seeing any kind of computer books on their shelves.
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    I stumbled on the cert books today at my library (yeah I know, I wrote this thread awhile ago and now I just looked for them) and found some really recent books. I found a MCTS Sybex for Server 2008 AD Configuration which I checked out and saw a few other recent books for Sec+, Network+, A+ and some MS books. Not all the cert books were there, I didn't see older MS books or Cisco books but I didn't really search too well.

    Since the Sybex book is 2008, it's pretty recent. I was kinda surprised since the economy is really bad here in Las Vegas which usually means funding is at a premium but they obviously had money for new cert books.

    So if want that new cert book, you should check out if you're local library has them and see if it's worth buying. Ymmv but it's worth a shot.
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    I'm using books from my local library right now
    MS press books
    MCITP: EA... I took out the 640 and 642 for now...
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    wow, I checked out the local library not so long ago for some technical books, and they had a pretty pathetic's a pretty small library though, so maybe I have to go to a larger branch. One place I haven't checked out (HA, unintentional library joke! icon_lol.gif) is my university library - I know from a friend that they've got some technical books, but not sure about cert books. I'll have to try to swing in there this coming week & see if I can pick up some good books for free...
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    You can also check Amazon's used books. Ive gotten several books that way, a lot cheaper than new.
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    I used the library for my MCDST as well as Server+ certs.. Take the book from the library, copy the PDF from the CD onto my home drive, and then return the books, and study from the digital copy.. very handy.. They didn't have anything for any server2008 material though, so I was on my own there
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    I checked out a few tech books at the libary, but I used a majority of them for research papers. However, they did have one A+ certification book that I was interested in, but then again when I brought it home I found to my surprise it was for the 2003 exam!! I would suggest checking out Half Price books ,they have a few stores across the usa, and I have seen a few descent books in their stores.
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    I live in Dallas, Tx. and I do buy tons of cert books from them. Each location though has different types of cert books. I know I could go to Richardson, a few years ago, we called it the Telecom Corridor, and find a better selection than the Mesquite store.
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    I haven't found any libraries near me that will carry them. I seemd like the libraries are either closing or merging with other locations.

    I've found most of my books in the past year or so off of and Amazon.Com's used section. I do have a habit of keeping the books for reference. With the economy the way it is, I would rather sell some on the site's to help people get them at lower price.
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    The most recent IT books I have found in the library where I work are usually a year or two old. Vista (for dummies) and SQL 2005 are the most recent available in my libraries. When asked why we don't stock more of them the answer is usually cost, likelihood of damage or theft (usually cd) and popularity. But we were looking at a subscription to safari books online. We decided not to go for it since they wanted $24k for 10 seats. That and other, more popular online services had higher priority. Check your local library's online offering. You might have one that subscribes to Safari or O'Reilly books online and then it's the cost of a library card to use them.
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    All the libraries I just checked were well stocked. I also found they could order books in from other library systems... pretty much anything I needed.

    Also has no cost Safari books online with my library card.

    I still buy them though, I destroy my books.
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