What should I try?

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I have a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems where I mainly learned VB6, Oracle 8i, Linux and some C/C++. I have yet to find a job doing programming, and now feel that I have forgotten the skills needed to find a job, I've been out of college since March 2002. I have worked Tech support for a company about 1yr and 2 months. I am liking the idea of getting my MCSAD.Net cert and volunteering for some open source projects, but I will have to sit around and wait my turn for a job. If I was to get my A+ and Net+ as someone else has mentined then I could possibly find some work in tech support and move up. I am currently working in manufacturing and do not want to work there forever. Another note is that I live about 60 miles north of Atlanta and I am wanting to move down to Atlanta as soon as possible. Getting a tech support job will allow me to move to Atlanta(if it paid enough). I am not sure which path to take, Im sure there are plenty of A+ and Net+ pepople out there without jobs and there are plenty of MCSAD.Net cert people without jobs. I look at it this way, there are plenty of people out there with 10+ years experience that cannnot find ajob. So once they are all absorbed back into the work force, then the companies will have to hire us entry level people, Unless they hire Indians. Either way I will have to take my cert and then sit and wait for a job. Opinions questions, discussions?

Oh, I have also thought about changing my career, but prorgamming as not been my career since I have not had any work in it. I would also not like to go back to college since I just got out(seems like it) and I would just owe more money for my student loan. But my next passion is cars, maybe I could be a car salesman, I suck at sales though. I would love to be an automotive editor and test drive cars.
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