Dynamips/Dynagen - Qos 642-642

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Hey Guys and Gals,
I just passed my cvoice (642-432) with a 975i am very happy with that, now i am looking to complete the Qos 642-642 exam next. I was wondering if i need to buy any lab equipment for this? I am trying to put off buying equipment in th hope that work will fork out the dough when needed. Or could i just use dynamips/dynagen for this?
Also as a follow up question what parts of the CCVP would you say NEED physical equipment?
Apologies if this has been covered before but i have spent sometime searching and couldn't not find the answers i was looking for.

Thanks Again


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    I'm not sure for the QoS exam I know Paul Boz just recently took it so he'd be the best to enlighten you on this one, so I'll give your thread a bump. :D
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    To add to that I just looked over the objectives and if you have the access to the needed IOS I think it should be doable from dynamips.

    As for what parts you need hardware for I'm not positive but probably for these ones:

    642-446 CIPT1
    642-456 CIPT2
    642-426 TUC
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    Yes ypu can combine dynamips with real equipment and it works perfectly
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    You NEED physical equipment for anything related to voice port configuration (digital and analog) or DSPs, like for transcoding.

    You should be able to do the QoS configurations in Dynamips, but you may have issues when you try to test them.
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    thanks mike, i was aware that you cannot simulate voice interfaces FXS/FXO ports i probaply should have mentioned that.....
    Thanks again for your help!
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