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This is my first post and I think I'll make this my online IT home. Ok, am in need for some final advice. I obviously have the last minute jitters- my OS exam is friday MAY 7th. I keep scoring between 60-72 % on practice exams (mainly MearsureUp practice test) and a few others and for the books...mostly A+complete 3rd Edition. Am reviewing my weaknesses as I progress though am worried about what percentage of the exam I need in order to pass. Please, can anybody tell me what I should expect in the exam and and jus how tough is it with all the windows2k and xp ?s. Waht kind of questions are the trickiest? I'll appreciate positive responses...thank you!


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    Trying to be positive, I would wait until you were scoring in the 85-90% range on most practice exams. A+ may only be entry level, but I know many of people who have underestimated and failed. You seem to have a good ethic, this site will surely help you in your IT travels. If you haven't checked the objectives, do so here>>>http://www.comptia.org/certification/A/objectives.asp

    I took the older(2001) exam, so I don't what the new one is like, but I did notice the tougher questions were scenario type, troubleshooting, then basic knowledge.
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    I'm sitting on Thursday 06/May on my OS A+ test and I'm scoring between 780-860 on Transcender test and 90-100% on the test from this site and another tests .I'm worried too...I like to have control before I'm sitting the test ... the questions are tricky so ...watch out !!icon_twisted.gif

    Take one more week of reading and tests,if you're unsure and then go and BE CERTIFIED!!! icon_wink.gif
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    bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    best thing to do is to think about how long you have been studying for as well as how well you have been studying.

    if you are new to the content of your a+ books and have only been studying for two months, chances are that you won't have covered the stuff in any great depth anyway. if you work at repairing, servicing and upgrading computers and systems (y'know, 40-hour week), then the two months is ample.

    i think you will find that most a+ candidates that fail are those that see that some pass the exams after a few months study, without realising that the people who do so are propably full-time techs.
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    BEEZBEEZ Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Well, I've been studying for a while now, took a class and everything else. I guess, am just really freaking out cuz this is my 2nd attempt. I missed it by 3 points 1st time with the old objectives last fall. I would like to think am ready, but you know how that goes! Anyway, I thank you all for responding and I'll keep you posted.
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