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- I failed my first attempt with a 630 . What exactly does this score mean? Does it mean I got 63% of the questions correct? If yes, this means that out of 50 questions I got 31.5 questions correct. Does this mean you get partial credit if you get some, but not ALL of the multiple answer questions correct?

- Is the test adaptive?



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    It's not adaptive.

    You could use that as a rough estimate for your percentage, but it's not going to be exact. MS doesn't explain how they score the exams. Some questions may be worth more than others (i.e. one question is 10 points but another is 20), some questions are ungraded and in there for development purposes, etc. I don't they give partial credit, with the possible exception of sims.

    You were pretty close. Brush up on your weak areas, and I'm sure you'll do fine the next time around.
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    You werent far off I would guess 3 or 4 questions and you'll of had it.

    Your score sheet should show what areas you need to take a look at and concentrate on these.

    Good luck for the retake!
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