I PASSED A+ Essentials!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Passed my A+ Essentials today. I know it is just a basic certification but we all have to start somewhere! Thank you to everyone here who answered my questions and helped me.

I have one more question for more experienced people. I scored 735 and was a bit disappointed because I thought I would score a bit higher.

Does this mean I will struggle with every upcoming certification?
Have others scored a lower on this like me and go on to secure higher certifications?

Here are some things that stood out in my mind from the test:

There were no IRQs or DMA on my test
There were a fair few customer service questions
There were three/four questions about 802.11
There were no RAM pin questions
There were no CPU socket questions
No XCopy/Copy command questions

That is not much but it is all I can think of. Take care


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    AJJ28 wrote:
    Does this mean I will struggle with every upcoming certification?
    Have others scored a lower on this like me and go on to secure higher certifications?
    If you think you could have scored better take the print out and look at the areas you struggled on and fill in the knowledge gaps, no matter what though you still passed and that's all that matters :D congrats
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    congrats on the pass icon_cool.gif
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    Way to go. Whats next for you now.

    I would suggest the Network+ if you dont have it as of yet.

    Good luck
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    The Essentials (601) I scored low as well! But I destroyed the 602.

    Good job and "keep moving forward"(I just watched Meet the Robinsons) I'm a fan of animations icon_lol.gif
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    Thanks...that gives me hope knowing some people scored a bit low and were still successful overall. Take care everyone
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    I scored 701 on my A+ icon_lol.gif just kidding

    Anyway as you move on and study for other certifications you will have more experience and knowledge on preparing for the harder exams. I've seen MCSA/MCSEs that scored low on their first MCPs and thought that they wont make it to their goals.

    And remember we have lots o' generous folks here willing ( even on their work hours icon_redface.gif ) to help out.

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    Good for you!!!! :P Isn't it amazing how great you feel when you pass? Like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Excellent work!! icon_wink.gif
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    Don't let a low score slow you down. Your the only one standing in the way of succeeding.

    I scored a 700 (minimum passing score) on one of my last Microsoft test. Just showed that I need to study more and dedicate myself more. I don't know your situation, but sometimes you just gotta grab the bull by it's horn and put in more work.

    Free study material....
    1) Technotes
    2) Cramsesssion study guides

    Then you have preplogic, transcender, sybex, ect....

    We are here to help!
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    Like others have said, don't worry about the score; and congrats on the pass. icon_thumright.gif
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