How Microsoft exams compare

How does the Microsoft exams compare to Comptia's exams? Are they harder exams etc??


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    They are definitely more wordy. Microsoft questions are often 1 paragraph long and often combine multiple concepts in a senario.

    I think most would agree in general they are harder than CompTIA exams.
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    I found the Security+ more difficult than any of the Microsoft exams I've taken so far, but Microsoft exams are a pretty different beasty. They are a lot wordier. But on the other hand their answers are generally a bit more clear cut. But if you're comparing Microsoft exams to the A+ then Microsoft exams are a lot harder I would say. I had a lot of difficulty with the 270. You just have to be careful with being sure to read all of the question and the answers on the Microsoft tests. Lots of times one word (usually "not") makes a huge difference in what is the correct answer. So I would say if you know your stuff then Microsoft exams are usually just a test in reading comprehension.
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