[b]DNS Server Properties ( This is quite helpful)[/b]

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Hi Guys

I have noticed that the most difficult practice test questions regarding DNS are mainly centred around DNS Server properties and/or Zone properties. I also know how much of a pain it is to remember which ‘Tab’ belongs to which properties box e.g. SOA tab is on Zone Properties.

Now, I have devised a Mnemonic to remember the ‘Tabs’ for DNS Server properties. The way I see it, once you know these you don’t need to memorize the Zone properties ‘Tabs’ cause you will just use process of elimination. OK, so the Mnemonic is DRAMISEF and broken down;

Debug Logging Tab
Root hints
Event Logging

Works for me , give it a try ...
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    So you are telling me for this test I have to memorize tabs?
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    DragonNOA1 wrote:
    So you are telling me for this test I have to memorize tabs?

    They probably aren't going to ask you to list each tab on the exam....but you should know what each tab does.
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    I don't think I even remember a single tab. icon_sad.gif I just know where to look when I need to get something done. I don't think I had to know the tabs for the exam, but I did get a question on debugging.
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    undomielundomiel Member Posts: 2,818
    I never really paid attention to the debugging tab. I didn't like the questions involving it but it generally wasn't too difficult to puzzle out what the correct answer would be.
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