Passed 290=899/291=854/284=1000

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Hi All,

I have been reading these forums mostly before exams and wasn't going to post until i realised I registered many years ago (when I did my first ever MCP!)

Anyways thought I would impart how I passed....

I watched and completed the TestOUT series for each of them, taking notes along the way.
I would then sit a Transcender and work out my weak points, I would then go through the CBTNuggets to focus on my weak points...
Sit another Transcender - same process find what I didn't know and study using CBT Nuggets or Technet.

290 took about 2 months of study - I didn't know what to expect so I took as long as possible!
291 took about 1.5 months to study and I still felt a little under prepared when I sat the exam - but I knew my ****.
284 took about a month to study a lot of the information was new (unlike the other subjects which I already had a good working knowledge) but the concepts are quite easy.

Hope this helps someone pass! Please feel free to ask me any questions and I can see if I can help.


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