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hey all, well im pursuing to get my A+... i want to be able to to troubleshoot and do pc repair as well as build and upgrade systems. I have a big desire to do this and have been building computers for 8 years. I bought thie A+ passport book today and wow. WOW!!!! Stuff i know but alot of stuff i dont know. I will be studying book for about 1 month and take my test. What tests are good for now to get certified. I will eventually pursue network+ but first things first. Any help would be awesome. And sorry if im rambling... how many questions is on the test???



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    welcome to the forum..

    which A+ route are you taking? IT technician i'm assuming... there's alot of overlay on both test..
    There is alot of information on the A+ test and i think one month should be good enough for you. After you take the A+ and Network+ i suggest you trying an Microsoft test, either vista or xp.. most companies use xp still so don't think just because its not new... you'll be suprise how much information there is on JUST XP... This is a good place to ramble so dont worry about it.. : )
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    yes IT technician. im starting with A+ essentials. and on from there. thanks for your reply. feel better about being able to talk to people about it lol. i guess im off to study. you know what they say, how do you eat an elephant?...One bite at a time.
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