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My nephews class was given a one pager study guide to help with revision for his end of year exams. I think this is a really good list, so thought Id share it with y’all. The points below are pretty well verbatim, although I did have to correct some OCR errors and I added my comments in [].

If anyones got any similar study methods or advice then maybe we could stitch them all together. Guess we could also assemble a list of those memory joggers, like the ones for the OSI layers. icon_idea.gif

Hope this list might help anyone out there thats struggling.


* Make a schedule of when you will study and also identify specific times when you will relax and commit time to other things. Share it with your family so they understand it and respect your privacy.

* The human attention span is 40 minutes. The brain can absorb information like a sponge during this time, but then rapidly becomes saturated. Study for 40 minutes and then take a break (get a soda, or go raid the cookie jar). After a 10-15 minute break, start another 40 minute study session. Use an alarm clock if necessary.

* 90% of people have severe difficulties remembering a list when there is more than five items. If you’re trying to memorize a long list, break it into smaller lists of five items or fewer.

* People can remember a long list when prompted. Make up a memory jogging abbreviation or a nonsense word from the first letters of each item in the list.

* People are exceptionally good at remembering rhymes (such as poems or song lyrics). Try making a rhyme out of dates, people, places or numbers that are hard to remember.

* It is easier to remember graphical images than text. Where possible create diagrams of what you are trying to remember.

* Memory experts train their memories by making associations. One method is to imagine the subject matter as graffiti written on certain walls inside your home. Walk around the house in your mind and you'll remember what's written on the walls.

* To test how much you’ve learned, explain it back to yourself in front of a mirror. [Not sure that this has much value for certs! icon_confused.gif ]

* Aim to filter down all of your notes and create one or two pages of notes that represent the smallest amount of information that you need to remember, write it out over and over again until it's automatic. [like a cram sheet I guess]

* Do not study the evening before or on the day of an exam. Late study can cause doubt, confusion and interfere with what you have already learned.

* If you tried your best but were unsuccessful, you are not a failure. A failure is a person who didn’t try.

* There is no shame in doing re-takes. On the contrary take pride in it, since you have the strength of character to face your opponent again rather than to run away in defeat. You will have more knowledge and be a stronger person than those that pass first time.

* Ask questions, dumb people don’t ask questions. [I edited out some contact details from this point, but you could always use the tech exams forums]

* If you find it difficult, remember that it’s supposed to be difficult. The exam would have no value otherwise.

* Many long for the day exams are over and done with, but when that day comes, the hidden pleasure and excitement of learning is gone. So enjoy the journey, arriving at the destination will only make you want to travel again.



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