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I passed today with a 793, I wish I did better but nothing I can do about it now. I thought I would tell what I saw on the exam, since so many others did the same and it ended up helping me.

- Topology questions (star, mesh, bus)
- Port questions (the port test on here is good, it asked all the basic ports didnt ask me about l2tp ports or wins or anything [DNS,DHCP,NTP,POP3,SMTP,SNTP, TELNET and whether it used TCP or UDP])
- OSI layer model questions (devices, protocols)
- More Token ring questions that I thought (on MSAU's, know about RI and RO)
- 10base2, 10base5, 10baseT (cable lengths, connectors etc..)
- I would say there were alot of questions involving link lights, not directly about them but like it would give a situation and say this devices links lights are on and this device's isnt what isnt the problem (there were at least 10 questions involving troubleshooting)
- Some questions on appletalk
- Lots of DNS and DHCP questions (ports also)
- Some questions had exhibits where you would have to match the exhibit to a command and the switch (arp -a for ex.)
- Only fibre optic question that I saw was "what type of fibre optic connector has a twist like connection" (nothing asking about EMI or cable lenghts for fibre optic even)
- TCP, IP, UDP, IPX, nothing about SPX

Thats all I can remember I thought I would just type out all the questions I remember, not many questions were straight forward like what port does wins use. Alot of the questions were scenario questions like, a company blocked ports 50-100 which of the following protocols were blocked in the process. Lots of exhibits, and troubleshooting with scenarios. If you are about to take it, im not the one to be giving advice but, if you have any questions like "was this ____ on here" I can probably answer it to the best of my ability.

*****Study the tests and technotes on this site and you will do fine, it covers all the objectives.
Mark Banville
Core(A+) Studying for OS(A+)


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