Passed 70-271 Today!

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I took the test this morning and passed with a score of 933. Everything went smoothly, except when I got about 2/3 through the exam, the testing software crashed! Fortunately my answers were saved as I went through the exam, so I was able to pick up where I left off after switching to another computer.

I used the Sybex book recommended by several people here (thanks!), as well as practice questions from the book's CD and other sources.

My preparation approach was basically this:

1. Run through big packet of test questions to discover areas of weakness
2. Read and re-read all chapters of the Sybex book, and take each practice exam as well as most of the bonus exams on the CD
3. Take notes regarding areas of weakness and commit certain factoids to memory (WinXP hardware requirements, RAID levels, Startup Function Key options)
4. Go through big packet of questions again within the couple of days before the exam - this really helped because even though I still got some of the same questions wrong, I found that I started using a better thought process with the questions - something clicked and I was able to think them through and eliminate more bad answers before making the correct choice.

I am a desktop/network support tech in a Windows XP environment, but I don't know that I would've passed the exam without studying - especially since some of the stuff on the exam is not day-to-day work, or we don't use in our environment (Remote Assistance, for example).

Now onto 70-272!


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