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Hey guys..took my exam 2pm eastern time today was done by 2:59:04pm today (yes that's the exact time written on the sheet icon_neutral.gif ) I got 793/1000 and as you know the passing score is 849/1000. I got like 3sims...and one of them i had to build an entired network with OSPF...I felt like i was totally ready and the exam felt like it was totally against me icon_neutral.gif...i had the feeling that i failed about half way through though. I was suprise i didn't run out of time seeing that i spend 5-7mins or even more on one of the sims where i had to build a network of 2routers with OSPF. I had a total of 56 questions, that which shocked me...because everyone told me it's 50questions. I was about 4questions short of passing and i'm determined to get it next time.

Note : ..i'll write more details on the exam tomorrow..i'm sleepy icon_sad.gif


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    56 questions, 3 sims, that sounds about right. I am sorry to hear you didnt pass, but I am sure that you will get it next time. Just make sure to give it 72 hours before retake (72 hour retake policy).

    As for the sims, I am hoping you did not forget to do a copy run start at the end because if you dont save it, you dont get credit for it.

    Good luck next time!
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    Heh...i made sure copy run start :D
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    sounds exactly like my exam, except i didn't get as close as you hehe. But i definitely had the ospf lab and 56 questions. Let me know of any thoughts or recommendations for the retake.
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    Well..i do plan to retake within the next 3-4 weeks...looking over the routing protocols right now as i type. I noticed that alot was asked on the differences between RIP/IGRP/EIGRP/ i'm reviewing those right now..Can you give a run down on how your exam was? and when did you take it?.

    Also..i feel bad i didn't make quick notes after the's now been almost a week and alot of stuff slipped my mind that i know i wanted to review icon_sad.gif
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