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I know this topic came up in another post and was curious about it since it gave me an idea of sorts.

For the past two years I have only been contracts/odd jobs while I was in school full time (I did 22 credit hours quarters instead of 12) so I did not have time to work (or sleep for that mater). And now that I have graduated everything has slowed down... Drastically. I feel it is great that I get to focus completely on finishing my CCNP, but I am also going batshit from boredom and need to do something. When I was initially done with school I sent out my resume here and there and mainly only sent it to jobs that I would really love to have, my ideal jobs, but usually didn't get replies. At first this didn't bother me as I was having fun doing nothing but studying Cisco. But now I am starting to get a little bored/burned out with that and need something else I can do to break up my studying (more income than a few contracts here and there would be nice too).

So I started sending out my resume to lower entry level type jobs and my phone went nuts (set up three interviews today actually).

Now onto my question. Would you guys think it would be a good thing or a bad thing for me to take one of these jobs just as something to do something and sorta get my foot back into the door after not working full time for a few years?

The thing is I plan to have my CCNP done soon (absolutely before the end of next month) and would hope to either be able to move up to a much better position in any company I work for or move on to another job relatively soon. I would not plan to be in say a Level 1 Help Desk role for a year. I would bet I would want to move up or onto another job in 2-4 months.

So what would you guys do? Go with the flow and take a lower level job just to fight boredom until something better came along or just hold out?
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    What kind of level 1 jobs is it? is it in networking (like a noc) or is it a desktop support role?

    If you've been doing contract work i take it you've been working at least to L1 standard already if not higher? if you have done, i would look for a L2 job in the short term, finish your ccnp, most importantly get as much networking experiance as possible to back up your ccnp then look for your ccnp level job.

    also remember that if you have no networking experiance its highly unlikely you will get a ccnp level job, so also be realistic and dont be scared to look for junior network roles. i am in a desktop support/ sys admin role but im dying too get more foot into networking so if you are looking for desktop support jobs i would put networking posts primarily before desktop support, even if you have to move to get the post you want - i have had to face up to the reality that i will have to move (again) if i want a career in networking.
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    Your certs are really good. Just go with the old foot in the door. I took a downward step myself going from an SA to Help Desk althought Help desk netted me more money icon_confused.gif: but already been here almost 2 months and the higher ups have already started to take notice. If you have to start from the bottom..Help desk..jr admin whatever just get in there and then network your way up.
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