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Passed with 907, so far easiest MS Exam I ever take since NT4, around 6 simulations and total 64 number of question. I use MS Press book, Sybex and Transcender.


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    Welcome to the forums and congrats on the pass!! whats up next for you?
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    Thanks! I thinking to take 70-622, any comments and advise? :D
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    It's only easy if you know the answers! Congrats on your pass.
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    harrists wrote:
    so far easiest MS Exam I ever take since NT4

    I agree with that, I thought it was fairly straight forward and especially so if you had any previous experience with MS operating systems. Like you I found it easier than the Win2000 exams I've done and on par with the NT4 ones.

    Mind you, I did it early this year and reading other comments it looks like it got a little bit harder recently?

    However, you must obviously know your stuff to get a good score like that so a big congrats to you!
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    bertieb wrote:
    Mind you, I did it early this year and reading other comments it looks like it got a little bit harder recently?

    I heard the same from friends, but I like the simulation questions on new version of the exam. However, I got some problem when I doing the simulation question, it not allow me go to next question and keep saying I'm not yet finish the answer??? Finally fixed when I try resizing the question window little bit then let me go to the next question.
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    I will take the 70-622 this Saturday, hope I can pass! From MS Press book I study, seem much more difficult than 70-620.
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    Very cool, congratulations on the pass.

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    Took the 70-622 and pass with score better than expected. Use MS Press study guide and follow the practises in book and you will pass.[/code]
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    Congrats on the pass. This one is next on my list also. Does this exam include the same amount of simulations like the 620? And how long did it take you do to the exam. I seem to remember reading you only get 2,5 hours for this one, as compared to 4 hours on the 620
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    70-622 have 55 questions and no sim, less than 40 mintues to complete the exam. In Hong Kong, we got 3 hours for this exam
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    Thanks for that update!!
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