Call manager 4.1 VM setup

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Hello guys, I have been visiting this forum for quite sometime but never posted anything as I am an active member of another forum. I must say that I am impressed by the kind of discussions and the kind of response people are getting here..

I am working on my CCVP....preparing for Call manager 4.1 exam which is due mid of next month. I am trying to setup a working CIPT lab where I can place calls between two IP Phones...what I am not sure is that how we will link the VMware Call manager to the IP phones..I would share the configuration as follows:

Thanks mate for your help.

I have few queries and I will be glad if you would be able to answer them as I am in the middle of setting up my lab.

My CCM is intalled on VM. The IP address of CCM is (this is the IP address of VM Network Card which I manually entered). My VM is linked to the main machine through VMNet1 "host only adapter" and I manually assigned to it. Then on VM panel for Network Card I have selected Network Connection "Host only - A private network Shared with host". I can ping both addresses from main machine and 2000 VM. Please note that I don't have internet access in the Virtual machine as I am not using "bridged" connection between my main machine and 2000VM (is it necessary to have internet connection in VM? because If I bridge it with Vmnet0 (my boadcome Gigabit Eth card) then my VM will be assigned dynamic IP address which would disturb my CCM settings as CCM needs a static IP address..please advise)

My questions are:

1) Is this setup good? will my IP phones connected to a switch would be able to register to this VM Call manager?

2) Let suppose this machine is connected to 3500XL switch on Fa Eth port..what IP address should I assign that port so that my IP phones can reach to call manager which is on VM...should it be

3) The dhcp configuration on 3600 router......I am guessing that I will have to include #option 150 ip x.x.x.x which is for TFTP server...what IP address would I put in here? how wud I intsall TFTP on my 2000VM?

Looking forward!
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    I use a bridged connection so that I can access the hardware and IP Phones that I have. I've even added a couple of extra network cards to make my life easier.

    I do have a laptop configured for "Host only - A private network Shared with host" -- but I only use that with a couple of other XP Virtual Machines running the IP soft phones.
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    Thanks Mikej..

    So you mean that with my current setup I won't be able to connect my IP phones to VMware CCM?

    If I bridge my connection with my System Network card...then how can I have a static IP address for VM Network Card ..which will be IP of the CCM....can I change the IP address of my Call manager? I have heard that it's not easy to change the IP address of a Call manager..

    Please advise.
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