The 70-236 MCTS Training Kit

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I bought this one 6 months ago and since I have been preparing for 70-294 I haven't read it yet. But I read some very negative reviews about it from people that have read it and took the exam. Lots of mistakes, poor editing, even technical discrepancies. I have some experience with Exchange 2007 but it is far from advanced and after I saw these reviews I don't feel confident that I will be prepared after reading this kit. Have you read it and would share your opinion? Thanks. :)


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    I used the Sybex one, but honestly, I don't think any book alone will prep you for the exam.
    Good luck to all!
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    Agreed.. I would hammer out a lab for 80% of your studying, sticking mainly to powershell tasks, simulate it with an edge box as well. Refer to books when you find something you dont quite understand, maybe glance over the glossary to get an idea of an order of what to cover. I didnt have any books available to me at the time but I would recommend Henrik Walthers "How to **** at Configuring Exchange 2007", although there again its more a less an overview of just setting up a lab that you would dig around in and setup on your own. This test is not like a lot of other MS tests imo where you can just read material and spit it out. Kind of a hybrid of sorts...

    Good luck!
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    Well, I suppose I should be praparing my virtual machines then. :) Thanks for posting.
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