TCat Full PDF??

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hi guys

im a bit confused about the "Tcat's Full PDF". im not able to figure out which of TCat's publications is the one you guys are talking about. i went to www.studyexam4less.com and saw the following:

Security+ SY0-101 InsideScoop -> 34$
Security+ SY0-101 Practice Test -> 34$
Security+ SY0-101 THE PDF -> 39$

is it the one which is priced 39$ ?

sorry for asking it icon_wink.gif
thanks in advance


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    I too was quite confused at first over which one to get.

    If you want to pass Sec+, get the Inside Scoop PDF listed for $34.00. That is the world renowned 700-page document that TCat released the day before the Sec+ exam went live. It is also the Second Edition of his work. If you look on A m a z o n, you will see the same thing for about $90.00. The only downside to this is that your printer will get a helluva workout.

    You get a written practice exam at the end of the 700-page PDF, but you do not get the software test simulator that comes with the book version. So, if you want the test sim too, I see that it adds only another $34.00 to your total. That test sim is TCat's latest too. I think I saw some posts in the past month or so that it is as fresh as this past February.

    The smaller PDF that goes for $39.00 is the test sim questions without the test sim software.

    I used the 700-page PDF and it was pretty thorough in its coverage. However, you do want to get at least one additional resource for this exam, such as one from EC2 and/or Sybex. I used EC2 and Crayton's Testtakers Series with TCat's material to pass.

    I also purchased the software test sim, but did not use it. I had other study guide test sims, TCat's written one from the PDF and other free ones I downloaded from the web.

    Hope this helps.

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    The one from Amazon that I used was called ExamInsight.
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