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Hey guys, I have been reading the site for a couple weeks but this is my first post.

I had an issue with rescheduling my net+ test last month. I did it on the website but I guess it never went through and so I ended up being a no show to my test. I just realized this last week and had to go through several people to get it fixed. Just thought some of you might want the number I got to finally talk to someone that took care of me.


I had to go through 3 people before someone gave me that number and when i called them they bugged me about not checking my email for a confirmation email but they took care of it and reschedule the test for me.
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    This may be dead, but someone else may find this usefull.

    I had a carecenter cancel my appointment the evening before my exam during christmas break last year. Of course I didn't check my email and arrived on site, I was furious. To add injury to insult, the exam was still billed and was called a no show.

    After about 3 hours and multiple MODs(managers on duty) I finally got to someone that was usefull, and the better part was that my refund or reschedule had to go through a committe.

    Then a week later I got an answer back, but what the answer was "your ticket is closed." Well isn't that charming I say, so I phone up and they gave me another exam attempt, but since I didn't know when i wanted to take it, they left it open.

    I went to register awhile back, the thing had expired.. not the exam date, but the period to sign up. The lady on the phone said it was ok, so I said how can you make this better and I got forwarded to a great guy who just made my appointment for me.

    So things might be extremely frustrating with the inital prometric reciever, but they usually work it out and no hard feelings.
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