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hey everybody, i needed some help getting my resume ready. Im currently a college student and im going for my CIS degree but I have no IT experience out in the job world. All ive done is work at restaurants mostly working through college for money. On my resume should I put that I have no IT experience or can I put down that Ive worked and messed around with computers in my spare time as experience?

btw im new to the site and its awesome!


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    undomielundomiel Member Posts: 2,818
    Go for a skills based resume. Put in there what computer skills you have and what education you have/are pursuing. Make sure it is structure so that the skills are the focus and not your experience. Put in where you've worked but there's no realy need to expound upon your duties there. Now go out and get an entry level job and start getting that experience.
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    zen masterzen master Member Posts: 222
    Well, when I was in your position, I did mention that I had experience repairing computers for businesses. Make it sound professional, and if possible, add them as references, especially if it sounds more like a business than just an individual. When I was at UNI there was the opportunity to work as a Lab Demonstrator, which was basically helping students with computer problems. The pay wasn't great, but it was pretty useful to put on my resume.
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