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dear mods/and tech gurus,

i need some suggestions from all gr8 people here ....

my current network -

7 locations attached in a star topology(192.168.8.X /24) via lease line with one server acting as DC,DNS
server ip ->

we have DVR system(camera) which can be viewed from any 7 location

so all my clients and dvr are on 192.168.8.X subnet and with dns= and mask

till now internet is isolated completly from my network there is no interconnection between domain nodes and internet capable nodes.....

Netowrk modification:-

company wants to put the DVR system over internet so that it can be viewed from any location in the world.

i have one public static ip from ISP and cisco router 1800 series

i have done the NAT-PAt setup as

router fa0/1 = (from isp for example)
router fa0/0 = (local lan)

create access list with few internal ip's accessing the internet they are working if i put the ip of some website but not with the URL "www.yahoo.com" coz my dns is pointing to

i want to know how you guys setup a router if you dont have to lease out ip into internal side ........

i know its confusing but i tried to be as simple as i can........

all suggestion are welcome
next exam -> ICSW (CCNP 50% done)


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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Two suggestions:

    1. Correct your DNS issue or use your ISP's.

    2. Do a static NAT mapping for your video feed, but with out multicasting the feed you are probably going to suck up a lot of bandwidth with just a few flows.
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