This warm weather is causing me problems...

matts5074matts5074 Member Posts: 148
This is probably a little odd for me to be asking, but I'm looking for some other opinions in addition to my own.

I have a AMD XP 2400+ (266FSB) OC'd to 2083Mhz / 333FSB. Over the past week or so since the weather has warmed up I've been getting tons of blue screen and STOP errors. None of the errors are consistant and a different error/file is listed almost every time.

It seems to happen most when I put the CPU under a load (compressing DVD, ect). I have TONS of fans so I really can't believe it's getting too hot. I'm thinking it could be my 400 watt power supply or RAM causing the problem.

What do you guys think? This is under no load. The voltages numbers look a little low to me.

Vcore: 1.680
VAGP: 1.472
5V: 4.892
12V: 12.160
Vio: 3.216
VDimm: 2.512
VBat: 3.104
5VSB: 4.896

System: 31C
CPU: 49C


  • matts5074matts5074 Member Posts: 148
    Here's what I'm running, basically I have every drive bay and PCI slot full. IMOHO it's probably too much for a 400 Watt......

    5 x 80GB Maxtor Hard Drives
    Aopen DVD+R/RW
    Lite on CD-RW
    Mobile Hard Drive Rack with 2 fans.
    TV Tuner Card
    56K Modem
    2 x 10/100 NICs
    Geforce 3 (fan on it too)
    SoundBlaster Live
    4 x Vantec Stealth Case Fans
    1 Clear Fan / Blue LEDs
    1 Cold Cathode Light
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    Power Supply, power supply, power supply....That's all I can think of, with all that sucking electro juice! (nice system too!) I use a 450w enermax, never had a problem. My new system, wil have at least 550w! More power!!! Of course, RAM could be an issue....more ram!!!! Seriously, I would check those two. I've been dispatched in field service for power supplies frequently, not so much on PCs, but comparable equipment and such.
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  • matts5074matts5074 Member Posts: 148
    Thanks Rick. If it was someone else's "normal" computer I'd throw a power supply in it and test it. But I don't have anything big enough to throw in mine and test. lol

    By RAM I ment possibly bad RAM. I have 1gig, so running out shouldn't really be an issue.

    I guess what I was looking for was re-assurnace. I'd like to find a 500+ Watt unit at a decent price, but so far I've only found a 480. I'll keep looking.
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