Cisco Routing CCIE - Great video overview for CCNA study

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Not sure this has been posted already as it was first aired in June 08 but for a great overview of Routing and Routing Protocols for CCNA students by Cisco CCIE Routing expert Luc Agossa ("Cisco Engineering Manager" - < woah - just imagine what he gets paid! > ) ....

From the basics, the first 15 mins get you upto speed on the whole concept..... See how long you last before you get lost from then on! ( floating staic routes ... How do you authenticate routing protocol updates between routers prior to update for security purposes - "YWhat ?!?" )

37 mins total and ( I think ) should be in every budding CCNA's arsenal. Local routing/vlans to continent to continent routing and why you choose the routing protocol you do.

[ WARNING: For UK viewers, there is an awful lot of "rowting" and "rowters" which really started to bug the hell out of me - US: we say "rooting" and "rooters" so you can imagine the annoyance after 37 mins of it ]


[ I would use the [url][/url] but they do not seem to be working, hence the edit.... admin fix if you could. thanks!

Interior and Exterior is one thing that I had never got my head around but in one quick sentance, it all made sense.

Appologies if you have already been made aware of this vid.



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