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Does anyone here have healthcare insurance that isn't through their company? My wife and I are thinking of moving to a different state. She received an offer that monetarily we could live with and its a good career opportunity for her, but the thing is the healthcare insurance isn't that great. It has a $1000 deductible and costs $450 per month for family coverage. In comparison, our coverage with my current employer is $0 deductible and $90 per month. Both are PPOs. If it were just us, this really wouldn't be an issue, but we also have a 1 yr old son. We've looked around very briefly online for individual plans, but can't really find anything decent.
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    Individual plans, in my experience, suck because you have to have an enormous deductible to have an affordable monthly payment.

    Having said that, I've gone that route before and opted out of employer insurance. I was able to cut my total spending on insurance by using an HSA with pre-tax dollars to save on taxes. Since I was able to get the HSA because I had high-deductible insurance, I considered it part of the total cost and the tax savings cut my yearly expenses by about 25%.

    Anyway, I guess the point is that individual plans suck, but there are ways to make them not so bad.
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