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After studying some DHCP I had a question.
When setting a computer/server up for a static Ip I see two ways of doing this.

1. Reserve a slot using the Mac addy.
2. Excluding an Ip address and setting up the static Ip.

Is this correct or will excluding an IP completely block that specific Ip/Ip Range from being used?

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    meadITmeadIT Member Posts: 581 ■■■■□□□□□□
    It won't block it from being used, only from being assigned through DHCP.
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    rjbarlowrjbarlow Member Posts: 411
    Define a pool for the Scope in which the static IP address of the server does not enter, or do an exclusion, just doing a reservation of an IP address does not exclude that IP address from being assigned to other machines in some circumstance.
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    I prefer entering the entire range and excluding the range of IPs you don't want the DHCP server to hand out. When you're administering a bunch of servers, it makes it easy to just look at the scope and see the entire range there and look at what specifically is excluded from being handed out.
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