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Hey, does anyone know how much harder is N+ compared to MCDST?


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    I found Net + to be more difficult because of the different platforms covered. I work with Windows all day every day, so the concepts were not too foreign for MCDST. I haven't used Netware in at least five years, and I haven't messed around with a linux box since college. Net + was somewhat of a difficult test in my opinion. Make sure you are comfortable with all of the concepts, and you should be fine.
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    I took the 70-291 one month ago!!! I Havent had many problems studying for this Test. I think It Will be a fun test. You just need to learn the Apple, Linux and Netware stuff! and you will be fine.
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    I feel you could still pass by ignoring most linux, apple, novell topics. Not that I would, just the amount of material covered in my test on these things was very little.
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