MCSA here I come??

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Hello everyone,

I just finished taking my 2nd exam towards the MCSA 2003. As of now, I have taken these exams:

70-270 - Passed
70-271 - Passed
70-272 - Passed
70-236 - Passed

I have my MCDST (plan to upgrade for vista sometime soon)

The 270/236 are for the MCSA 2003. I hope to take 291 in about a week or so then 290 in about 2 weeks or 3. I know 290/291 are pretty tough from what i've been reading. I've got some good study material and a pretty decent background of SysAdmin junk so i'm hoping i'll do ok. I just moved back to GA and i've been looking for a job over the past 2 weeks, not having much luck so hopefully something good will come from this mess.


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    Good luck on it! Don't forget to put in a lot of lab time. Why are you doing the 291 before the 290 though?
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    I think just about everyone will agree that 291 is the hardest. If you can pass 291, then 290 will be no problem. Good luck on your journey.
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    well, from what i understand, the 290 has a lot of the same stuff as the 271/272...i dont really have a good reasoning why i'm going for the 291 before the 290...i guess bc its the hardest and it will require more study time than the 290...

    I still have all my lab discs from school as well as my pearson/vue online lab stuff I'm going to use before i take the exam. I have a few other self paced books I'm using too.
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