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Hi everyone, I work in a NOC and manage quite some MS servers, unix servers and networks. My ultimate goal is achieving the CISSP / CCIE:security and was planning to compliment my CCNA / SEC+, CEH certs with the MCSE:Security before continuing down the cisco track mainly for two reasons:

All networks need services running so a good understanding of servers helps for gaining jobs/ contracts. And secondly holistic security requires security on the servers, networks, infrastructure.

Do you think im insane with this reasoning? How long on average does it take to get the MCSE:Sec
{I do get A LOT of exposure to MOM etc.. at work}

Do you find the Microsoft books any good?? / worth the buy?


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    hi dredlord
    i have been working in a windows environment, for 2 years, basically in the administration part. It took me almost 15 months to cover up 5 papers, 1 due to acquire MCSA:Sec. MSPress is definitely worth the buy coupled with a home lab [maybe vmware] and cbtnuggets if you got the bucks. good luck.
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    I allready have a home lab and the CBTNugget MCSE:sec package, thanks for your reply that leaves question 1 left :)
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    The average is at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. After all, look at how fast astorrs knocked out his MCSE. Study, sign up for the exam, then when you feel comfortable go take it. Some people are able to get ready faster than others so there really isn't an easy way to put a number to the exam. Also depends greatly upon your own personal experience.
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    So in your oppinion its a good strategy MCSE:SEC --> CCSP --> CCIE / CISSP after all I saw that the MCSE security acts as a credit towrds a year off from the 5year experience required for CISSP
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    So does the Security+ ;)

    It looks like we have similar end goals, so you have my approval on your plan icon_thumright.gif

    However, if you're just getting into MS technologies now, you may want to consider starting with the 2008 track. Just something to think about.
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    Ya I was considering 2008 but at work we have LOADS of windows 2003 servers so It makse sense to get the 2003 and then sit for the two exams to get the 2008, I am doing the vista exam as the client OS exam
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    Check out keatron's comments here.

    The advise on the path to the CISSP and being a good InfoSec professional is the best you'll ever hear IMO (plus keatron is an ISC2 trainer and someone who REALLY knows his stuff.)

    I think the CCIE:Security path will be very different though as you'll obviously need to be a lot more focused on the Cisco technologies.
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  • dredlorddredlord Member Posts: 172
    OMG now thats exactly what I needed thanks for pointing that post out.
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