Exam question...

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I too, am using the MS Press exam for this book, as well as the Exam Cram for 70-293 by Jason Zandri and Diana Huggins.

I passed the 291 exam in late May. I have read through each book, and started doing Transcenders....but keep coming up short. It seems when taking the Transcender exams, I am being blindsided by questions that neither book covered.

For example, the one question on the Transcender is asking about Failover thresholds on a Cluster, and neither book mentions anything about them. After reading the Transcender explanation, it seems like it would be relevant material to be on the exam.

Another thing with the Transcenders, I have received several questions regarding DFS. Is DFS on the 293 exam? Neither book even mentioned it. I would like to take this exam soon, but I don't think I am ready.


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