Passed 70-271 Exam!!!

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Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I passed the 70-271 exam with no study materials or prep at all. Its probably not that great of a accomplishment but it felt pretty good. Will be taking 70-272 exam in the near future. BTW, I have taken the 70-270 4 times and I can't seem to kill it. Is it just that much more difficult? The installation section of the exam is what gets me every time. It just won't seem to absorb, yet I passed the 70-290 on my first attempt and barely studied for that. I don't understand.


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    Congratulations on your pass! The 270 is definitely a pretty hard exam. I think it was the hardest of the Microsoft exams I took. Either that or the 294 which attacked you with boredom. The 270 has a horde of knowledge packed into it. Make sure you have a complete understanding of RIS and unattended installs. Try and set up a few labs for it and get some hands on experience. It'll take hard work but you can do it.
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    Congratulations! Did you get a good score?
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    I only got a 766, but that was with no prep and very little job experience. Its not that impressive, but who's checking icon_tongue.gif. I wonder if I can pull off the same result on the 70-272.
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    The 272 is definatley easier even though I scored lower when I passed it ;P I also barely studied for the 272 as it seemed easier. If you can pass the 271 without really studying Id say your fine for the 272 with as much studying as you did for the first one.

    If you setup a lab for the 270 it's pretty much easy.
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    Well hopefully you are getting that job experience right now. I know that I have several years of XP tech support experience, but studying for 271 was necessary, and definitely helped in day-to-day job duties as well - not only by having a better grasp of certain topics, but also by having more confidence when stepping into someone's office to work on their issue.

    I hope the majority of people here are keeping in mind that to be successful in IT you need to have a balance between book learnin' and real-world experience. I know it's hard for many people who are working through the entry-level certs, which usualy means still in tech school, or working at entry-level positions.
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