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In september I will be going to classes for the A+ exam. IS there any adivce or suggestions as to what I am going to run into? Is the A+ curriculum hard? What should I expect? The classes are for 6 weeks. Im hoping that when comes test day, I pass and can go job hunting! Im new to the site so any help would be appriciated. Also, Is there a lot of jobs for entry level technicians with just an A+ cert?


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    A+ alone might get you into a help desk or Geek Squad style job, but not much more unless you have a degree or something.

    A+ can be hard depending on the study material you use. Comptia exams can be very esoteric. Get a hold of every question and answer you can. I recommend snagging a few books from boarders or the library if only for the questions at the end of the chapters or on the CD.

    I hear there is a good podcast on A+, Mr. Ford's Guide to the A+ certification that is supposed to be good but I have not listened to it yet.

    Best of luck!
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