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Does any one else use thease? How do you rate them? I have just started and they seem to be a bit strange not really like the proper test and I dont seem to like them so much.

How do you rate them and how do you think they compare to the real test the real exams

im scoring pretty low on thease Prep Logic tests but Im not sure what I make of them
im not too impressed and I think the real exams will be easyer I hope so any how.


  • Sweets80Sweets80 Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I purchased the prep logic exam preparation practice questions and did not like them. I studied the first few pages and then chucked it. It's not to speak ill of the prep logic series, I just felt like those materials did not work for me.
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    I used the Preplogic Network+ free exam, and I thought it was spot on to what I experienced on the Network+ exam.
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    I haven't tried using the prep logic book for my Net+ studies. I guess after attempting to use it for my A+, I just assumed I would stay away from it for other studies too.
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    I thought Preplogic was good. I took essentials and passed with them...I am studying IT Technicans with them as well. I think alot ot times it is what you make of these things. If you just depend on them then you are taking your chances. I think you have to read as well.
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    I have a mixed opinion on PrepLogic. I didn't like them for Net+, because I found Measure Up was a better prep tool. My experience was quite the opposite on A+. I found PrepLogic better than Measure Up. In general, I think Prep Logic is harder, and I would recommend sticking with them. Takes awhile to get used to some of the wording, and you have to overlook some of the grammar (I saw lots of mistakes). BUT, the way the lay out the test by objectives, and the general wording of the questions, is why I think it's a better prep tool.

    Be sure to read the explanation if you get the answers wrong. Remember, this is to help you learn, and they do a pretty good job with their explanations.

    Good luck!
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    I have used Preplogic Practice exams on all my certs so far and have fared fairly well. I will say that you should always have multiple study resources. I would not rely solely on any one practice exam (or vendor for that matter) for your only study resource.

    You should generally be averaging 90% or better on the practice exams before you think about taking the real exam. Good luck!
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