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I'm going through some practice questions, and one of them is about granting local admin rights to a user who needs them to perform tasks such as install software, monitor event viewer, etc. In addition, that account must not be able to access network resources that require authentication.

The answer explanation says that you should add the user's domain user account to the local administrator group, but I disagree and say you should create a local account with local admin privelages, otherwise not all the objectives are met.

Any thoughts?


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    I think whta they mean by that is to go onto the workstations users and groups mmc and add his domain account to the local administrator group on that computer. that would give him admin privledges on that machine only, without affecting any permissions to network resources.

    Although quite what they mean by by not accessing network resources that require authentication is a little misty as all network resources require authentication of sorts its just that you dont see most of it going on.
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    I see, that makes sense. I guess it's just a poorly written question. Thanks!
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