Passed today 849, Advice on what next???

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Surprised myself today. I did expect to pass but this is the first time I have been told me anything other than pass or fail. I found this harder than 2000 server to be honest. I took this exam as I thought it would be any easy addition after 2000 Professional and 2000 Server and because the work pays for the exams. I do work in the it industry but in a 99% windows 2000 1% NT4 desktop environment in a large 2000 server domain.
I used the Sybex book again as always. Excellent for full study but not exam standard questions. Used the Microsoft Press Windows XP Readiness Review for testing. Several similar questions to the exam. Can't call that a braindump surely. Also downloaded as many trial/demo questions as poss from this site and elsewhere. I thought the ExamCram was poor and the PrepLogic seemed really good. Only 10 questions in the Demo though.

Any advice on what to do next on the MCSE 2000 track, either 70-216 or or 70-217. I have both Sybex books so want to know what is the easiest or most logical way to proceed. icon_confused.gif: icon_confused.gif:




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    I would go for 218, 217, 216. If you thought 215 was not bad, 218 should be a piece of cake for you. between 216/217, I would hold 216 to the end, merely due it's nickname, The Beast. I've heard 218 is very difficult, and many people fail because of underestimation. You sound like you should be able to handle either one though. Good luck!
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    I think thats good advice. To be honest, I planned to do either 216 or 217 as I had the core 4 sybex bookset. icon_redface.gif But 218 looks to be pretty reasonable and if I pick up 216 afterwards, that would be MCSA certification.


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    Cogradulations on the success.... I'm currently studying for this test myself.... These darn permissions are giving my brain a struggle, but I work with Windows XP daily at work.... So I will probably take it in 2 months or less..... :D
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