Am I ready?

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Well, I intend to take the Security+ on the 15th. I've started taking practice tests from wherever I could find and seeing what I need to study for final preparation.

I've been studying from this site, the Security+ exam cram, and the Syngress book.
The practice tests I've been taking are from this site, the sample measure up questions from the exam cram, and the syngress sample questions.

I thought I was doing good until I tried the Syngress sample questions, they seemed to be worded poorly and I didn't score that great on it (I don't remember what the score was, just that it was bad.)

I was just wondering if the Sec+ test was going to have the questions like off the Syngress book. Every other test I'm hitting above 80% at least. If it is like the Syngress sample questions then I might think about rescheduling...
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    I would recommend using practice tests from sources other than the books you study from. However, if you're having problems from the Syngress questions, identify if it's a problem with your understanding of the material or if the questions just aren't reasonable. Given that it is a good study text, I would guess that the questions are pretty decent reflection of the material, just worded differently. I can tell you that the actual Sec+ test has some weirdly worded questions that aren't always clear cut. One of the things I always ask myself before taking an exam is whether I know the material so thoroughly that I can teach a class on the subject with no notes. That's when I know I'm ready.
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    Actually.. Mav.

    Speaking from someone who failed and is going for the resit. Expect badly worded questions. this exam really tested my patience cause half the time I was thinking what this question about.

    If you have done the prep and you feel good about it and get past the grammar and spelling mistakes. I think you have a chance. Plus most people recommends the syngress book. I am using it this time round and focusing on my weaknesses, hoping that it will close the gap from my last score and get me to the pass.

    Good luck with your exam.
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    testinside wrote:

    Don' take this the wrong way, but I'm not looking for that.
    I hope to take the test by the end of next week and am just studying parts I feel I might be weak at as I'm doing fine with practice tests it seems.

    And thank you for your encouragement everyone.
    Isn't it funny how after you have the certifications, you don't care about sharing them as much?
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