Question about when companies pay for your MCSE course

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Does anyone have any knowledge on these programs that your company can put you on ( if you are lucky enough) whereby they pay a company - Perhaps QA IT over here in England - a fee of say £3000 and you do an MCSE course which lasts a week? Then you get 7 certificates that say Mr XXXX has fulfilled the requirements to be an MCSE? Ive seen such a certificate and they are worded fairly broadly.

My ex-colleague who is now a senior sys admin, got put on a week long course down in London and the company had to pay a silly amount of money to do it, but he came out of it an MCSE.

My understanding of this is that because the company pays so much, the person is virtually guarenteed to pass. Has anyone been on a course like this or know if you do actually have to sit lots of exams, because i cant see how you can be taught all that info in 7 days?



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    nicklauscombsnicklauscombs Member Posts: 885
    These bootcamps always cost a lot of money and sure you could get your MCSE in 10 days or whatever but don't assume someone going there will pass and don't assume they will give you extra vouchers or a refund if you don't pass one or more of the exams, always check very carefully into any bootcamp before going as to what they are exactly offering, usually the biggest complaints about these bootcamps is unless you have a decent amount of experience you may pass the exams but you definitely won't retain any knowledge
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    TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
    I took a course much like that back in 2002. It was network related though. It was a week course covering T1, DS3, Frame-Relay technology and CCNA Lab stuff. I took the course, think it was around 2500 per person (company cost) and came out with my CCNA and a bunch of vendor specific certifications for T1 Technology, DS3 and frame-relay. It was a cram packed session but well worth the money.

    I thoroughly believe, you get what effort you put into the course.

    I am heading down in 2 weeks for a $3000 per person training course and will come out with an Apple Certified Systems Administrator Certificate. I imagine its going to be a hit the ground running course and I am already brushing up on my *nix side of things because thats basically what a mac is now adays.

    I have also taken SQL courses last year that did the same thing, vendor specific. Very good.
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    mipoukmipouk Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Cool, i thought it would be some sort of cramming session. Another guy I know is doing an MCSA course with the Exchange 284 as the elective, and he is doing it in a 5 day course some time in October. It would be nice to be an MCSA within a week seeing as its taken me months to do mine but fair play - I certainly wouldnt turn it down if i was offered it!!
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