70-620 ... wow .. more Simulations than ever

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Just failed the exam above ... I signed up using the 2nd shot voucher and I kinda knew I fail since I never even touched the book and thought 'why not ey' (since the re-take is free).

Well I failed with 687/1000 so I guess I missed by one question.

I must say though that I liked the exam .. every 6th-7th question was performance based (simulations) and I really prefer those .. you kinda know straight away that you got the question right or wrong :)

I personally never opened Windows Mail, Windows Defender, don't really know anything about RSS and use Wireless only occasionaly .. so I actually deserved to fail lol ...

Speaking of performance based exams : When I finished my 64 questions and started my review - a dude came in for his 70-621 (our both names were on the screen when signing in - therefore I know which one he did) ... we both left the exam room at the same time after 10 minutes - and he passed with 1000/1000 .. go figure ..
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